The Cancer Support Community of East Tennessee has supported us; now it’s time to support them.

It is no secret cancer is a terrible disease that continues to ruin lives and families. Times have become even harder during the Covid-19 era and immune compromised people are at a greater risk than they ever have been before. Fortunately there are many communities that offer support and I specifically want to bring to attention one local to me.

The front of the CSC

The Cancer Support Community of East Tennessee (originally known as The Wellness Community Knoxville) has been helping cancer survivors and fighters of the disease since 1990. It was founded by Rachel, Robert and Lindsay Young. Rachel was a cancer survivor herself. 2020 marks the 30th year of service in the East Tennessee area.

According to their website, in 2018 they helped over 894 people affected by cancer in the Knoxville area. The CSC offers many programs to those fighting cancer, all of which are free of charge. On top of that, they also offer weekly and monthly support groups, educational workshops on managing cancer as well as health and wellness classes that give those fighting cancer the opportunity to make social connections during these difficult times.

During these times of Covid, it has been particularly difficult to host many of these support groups. In order to minimize the risk of contracting Covid, these meeting have now been forced to take place through Zoom only. Covid isn’t stopping the CSC, however! As you can see on this calendar they are still offering a wide group of meeting and workshops through Zoom that you can stop in an attend.

Calendar featuring all the activities for this month

Recently, the CSC sent out a newsletter stating that despite continuing to offer many classes and workshops, they are experience a decrease in donations and funds. Because this is a non-profit the CSC relies solely on donations to offer these support services and meeting free of charge. If you happen to have extra money to spend during this holiday season I ask that you consider donating to this non profit and help them continue to offer these free services and meeting to those fighting cancer!



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